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KimikoArts, Kimiko, Kobayashi, Kimiko Kobayashi, Canadian Artist, Painter, Hamilton, ON, Original Acrylic Paintings Exploring from the Naturalistic to the Imaginative

Artist Statement


“As an artist, I use painting to communicate my thoughts and feelings of the world around me. I’m inspired by everything that I do - places I go, buildings or animals that I see, people that I meet - and all of my experiences. My paintings express my realities - both real and imagined. This gives me the ultimate freedom to express myself, without confining my art to any rules of depiction.”


    - Kimiko Kobayashi


The world’s ephemerality provides Kimiko Kobayashi with perpetual inspiration. The fleeting beauty of nature provokes her curiosity. Living her experiences with careful observations, she conjures imaginary worlds where elements of the real co-exist with chimerical creations. 


Animals, people and places painted in bright and vivid colours help to tell tales of dream worlds, where reality and make-believe function synchronously.  Kimiko channels daily experiences and feelings onto her canvases, blurring the margins in-between. 


These exciting, energetic environments appear to have zero gravity. Kimiko’s use of colour and line deliver a sense of proportion and balance.  


Her inventive, playful creations build a new dimension where nothing needs to makes sense, be perfect or obey the laws of physics. Kimiko Kobayashi’s visual art shows us how to let go of our ideas of conformity and control. They are worlds exemplifying freedom, harmony and acceptance.


Kimiko’s zest for life and passion for traveling inform her artistic style. Many of her recent works were inspired by her travels across the globe. From her journeys through Europe, Mexico, China, Japan, California, Bermuda, Jamaica, British Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru and Las Vegas, she brings back photographs and experiences which inspire her paintings.


Kimiko recently won third place at the Juried Art Show at the Flagship Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario. She has exhibited in group exhibitions within Canada and donates her work to charities and fundraisers. Kimiko is available for fine art commissions.


Kimiko graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Guelph University in Guelph, Ontario and has a Bachelor of Education from Brock University in Hamilton, Ontario. She loves to encourage creativity in children and helps them to find their own creative expressions.  Kimiko Kobayashi is a Canadian born visual artist residing in Hamilton, Ontario. She enjoys reading, painting and cooking.



2006 - Bachelor of Arts (Honours): Studio Art Major, 2007 - Guelph University, Guelph , Ontario

Bachelor of Education, Faculty of EducationBrock University. Hamilton, Ontario

Intermediate Visual Arts Teacher, HWDSB, Ontario

Instructed at The Stoney Creek School of Art, Hamilton Ontario

Special Projects

Frequently commissioned to create custom artworks based on a number of styles

2018 - Commissioned by collector L. Kobayashi. Large Scale Painting of St John's 

2017 - Commissioned by collector N. Griffin. Diptych of Blue Calming Lines painted on canvases

2016 - Commissioned by collector S. Patel. 6 Watercolour Animals Painted from Photographs taken by Kimiko

2014 - 2 Large Scale Abstract Paintings



Private collection in Dundas, Hamilton

Private collection in Stoney Creek, Ontario 

Private collection in London, Ontario 


Mentors Who Have Taught and Inspired Me

Vincent Van Gogh - Post-Impressionist Painter

John Graham - Printmaker. Guelph University

Doug Mays - Watercolour Artist. Hamilton, ON

Grants & Awards 


The Second Annual Forerunner Juried Show: Jurors Award


Exhibitions & Festivals

2018 - Dundas Valley School of Art's 48th Annual Art Auction

2017 - Dundas Valley School of Art's 47th Annual Art Auction

2016 - Art in the Park Festival, Dundas ON

2012 - Art & Artisan Shopping Event, Dunville ON

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