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Drawing Lessons for Kids At Home

Greetings Fellow Artists! Thanks for stopping by!

Recently I started kimikoARTS YouTube Channel! I began the channel to teach children how to draw, paint and have a little fun.

As a child, the Arts made such a difference in my life. Being able to create, draw and paint helped me build my sense of identity, and gave me confidence, and resilience. For me art was an outlet for creativity, expression and working through tough feelings. It made me happier to be able to draw and paint and see what I could accomplish.

As an Artist, I want to help children develop this craft so they can also use it as an outlet for years to come. I hope that with my channel I can help build children’s self-esteem and bring a little happiness into their lives.

I would like to show how easy things can be when you break them down into manageable goals and steps. Anything is possible!

If you would like your child to have access to my newest videos please Subscribe. Once your child has finished their art, post it on my instagram and tag me @kimikoarts. I would love to see it!

Also, if you would like to request an activity or something that your child would love to learn how to draw please message me on instagram.



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